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If you are searching for a good house in South Africa or want to build one you probably need a home loan. Taking a loan is not an easy task; it’s a matter of decision making. By taking loan you don’t have to pay the whole amount at once, still you can enjoy your new home. You can pay it in a number of installment schemes which you find most convenient. So you need to find a good lender or bank for the loan which can be a very difficult to pull off on your own. 

That’s why you need professional help that can get you the house you dreamt of. ‘Home Loans South Africa’ is that professional help you are searching for. We provide information about different property in South Africa as well as the best home loan quotations and mortgage information you need.

Our company lets you choose from different types of home loan. These home loans are categorized in terms of interest rates and we are offering you the most flexible interest rates available. The time span of paying EMI can vary from ten years to even up to thirty years. The longer term is charged with higher interest rate and the shorter has less interest rate. That means in short time spans the installments will be higher but you get to pay less interest and vice versa for long time span.  You can choose from four major types of home loans and they are;

With fixed interest rate home loan you have to pay the same amount of interest for the whole repayment that means you get to pay same amount of EMI whereas a variable rate home loan charge different amount of interest during the course of repayment. The reason for this is ever changing conditions of financial market. So the amount of EMI will change as per market fluctuations. We will suggest which one will be the best for you after comparing with your financial status so that you don’t have to spend your precious time.

While taking a home loan you need to provide some documentation required to submit.
A brief list is given below.

  1. Copy of I.D (certified)
  2. Bank statements (at least 3 months depending on the particular deal)
  3. Income Tax information (Income Tax no. etc.)
  4. Address proof
  5. Copy of previous pay slip
  6. Purchase Offer signed by all parties

    After verification the loan will be approved and the deed of your property will be held until the installments are paid off. If you are interested, contact with us and we will give you free home loan quotations and different property advice if you want. Just provide your contact number, email address, ID number with your full name and the value of loan you seek. As a leading financial service provider, we will take special care and help you get your dream house in no time.

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